About Us

Route 9 Red Angus LLC is owned and operated by members Bill Embry and Phil Rankin.  Headquartered on the Embry Farm at 30753 State Route 9 in Mackinaw, Illinois, Route 9 Red Angus began as a shared passion for the Red Angus Breed.

July 14 CarouselThe Route 9 herd has been greatly influenced by the people Bill and Phil have met as they have concentrated efforts toward accumulating females from top cow families.  They have picked up animals from some of the country’s top programs, featuring Damar, Gill Red Angus, and Brylor Genetics predominately.

Route 9’s emphasis is on the strengths of the Red Angus breed: calving ease, carcass quality, fertility, milking ability and ease of handling.  Route 9 Red Angus LLC has been using A.I. and embryo transfer to make as much genetic progress as possible since 2010.

It has only been a few years and while they are not completely where they want to be yet, Bill and Phil are having fun, own great animals, and have met several nice people along the way.  Ultimately for Route 9 Red Angus LLC, it is about selling the best beef possible whether that is to a fellow breeder, a commercial cattleman or to the consumer buying for the dinner table!