Route 9 Females

Efforts were made while purchasing to pick up females from some of the top cow families in North America.  That objective was accomplished.  Almost all Route 9 females come from very strong numbered female lines and must perform to stay in the herd.

There are daughters of Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P and several heavy milking Bandlands Net Worth daughters in the herd.  Many Route 9 cows are ET daughters of the top donors in the Damar herd, exhibiting significant Messmer influence in their breeding.  There is also a large group of Gill Red Angus bred females from their top families: Maidens, Roxies, Lasses and Dynettes.  Other fine females in the 65 cow Route 9 herd worth mentioning include some really nice Dakota Queens from the Batterson herd in Iowa, a southern bred JECA daughter that goes back to King Rob a couple of times, and some Perks bred females.

Route 9 Red is currently putting in embryos out of a Gill bred Dynette heifer (LMG Miss Dynette 1329) co-owned with Fick Red Angus in Nebraska.  This performance bred female easily topped the females selling at $11,000 in the Gill sale in February 2013.  She is an Indeed daughter out of the LMG Miss Dynette 3041 donor cow.  Bill previously co-owned a full sister with the Gill family (LMG Miss Dynette 9003) and has a couple nice females out of her.  Look for these well-balanced performance sisters to put several daughters into the Route 9 herd over the next couple of years.